Celebrating 40 Years of Quality Service

We are honored to have been pioneers of the printing and packaging industries, in Jordan and the wider Arab world, for 40 years.

As the first and largest production facility for computer forms, labels and all kinds of technical forms, we take great pride in providing the highest quality products, and are fully committed to continuing excellence in the service of our valued customers.


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Self-Adhesive Lables
Business and Computer Forms
Printed Thermal Rolls
Commercial and Technical Forms

Our Form & Label Solutions

The NEFL range of forms, thermal rolls and labels solutions covers four broad categories, which are:

Businesss and Computer Forms

We produce the entire range of business and computer forms, as well as PIN mailers, in any required sizes or formats.

Printer Thermal Rolls

NEFL provides premium quality thermal paper rolls, which we can print in several colors or supply plain in various sizes, in 1 ply or more.

Self-Adhesive Labels

NEFL supplies custom printed labels of all types, made to international specifications and standards

Commercial and Technical Forms

Our commercial forms are multi copy, continuous or detachable cut-set (or snap-set) products. These forms are user friendly and efficient.