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Our Services

We specialize in the production of all types of forms and labels, fully customized to the unique requirements of each customer. Our approach is to provide complete solutions to new requirements, including recommendations, final design samples and speedy delivery.

We can begin work based on a sketch or design that you provide. However, if you prefer, our experienced and talented designers are available to develop layouts, which capture your ideas and specific functional needs.

Our team utilizes the latest computer design equipment to create your digital design and artwork files. Custom art and graphics are also available.

Our range of services includes:

  • Providing after-sales service and follow-up.
  • Providing hands-on guidance and instruction leaflets to new users of business forms.
  • Providing ideas for new applications and solutions, as well as actual samples.
  • Maintaining Customers’ artwork files, for all their applications, to enable fast delivery of repeat orders.
  • Maintaining records of Customers’ forms, thermal rolls and labels orders, to notify them in advance when re-orders may be required.

And more…

Business and Computer Forms

We produce the entire range of business and computer forms, as well as PIN mailers, in any required sizes or formats. All of our forms are produced according to international standards, with a wide variety of available features including numbering, MICR encoding, barcode numbering, and more. 

The highest quality and most appropriate stock is always used, depending upon the particular application, to achieve the most professional, functional and attractive results. Examples include:

  • Special anti-forgery ‘safety check’ paper.
  • Quality embossed paper.
  • Thermal paper.

            And much more…

Self-Adhesive Labels

NEFL supplies custom printed labels of all types, made to international specifications and standards. We only use the most appropriate, high quality, self-adhesive materials for each specific application. Examples include:

  • Colored, self-adhesive labels in rolls or sheets. These are used for packaging applications, such as in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food industries. UV Varnish is applied for a more vivid and tactile finish as well as for extra protection
  • Continuous, computer DP labels. These are available in many sizes, printed in color, with the customer’s branding to create a professional image.
  • A4 laser printer label sheets, with either standard label sizes or special sizes and designs.

Printed Thermal Rolls

NEFL provides premium quality thermal paper rolls, which we can print in several colors or supply plain in various sizes, in 1 ply or more. These thermal paper rolls are used by the electricity and water utilities for their invoices, statements and other purposes. We also produce printed thermal rolls, used in the banking & financial sector, for ATM machines and other applications. Printed, die-cut thermal rolls to be used in all queue-numbering machines.

Commercial and Technical Forms

Our commercial forms are multi copy, continuous or detachable cut-set (or snap-set) products. These forms are user friendly and efficient. They are suitable for the most demanding users including trading companies, department stores and retail outlets, hospitals and laboratories, hotels and restaurants. Examples include:

  • High quality medical forms or rolls. These forms offer many features and are used in EEG & ECG equipment, as well as other applications.
  • Reliable paper monitoring rolls and strips for high performance equipment. These are used in air traffic control machines, or other monitoring and control equipment.
  • Paper rolls, printed with the required safety features for ATMs and other equipment.
  • Parking lot tickets printed and die-cut, in various sizes and special paper stocks

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